Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I need a tarp for my drool...

I have been a HUGE fan of classic camper design for quite some time now (and yet somehow, I managed to land a wife). You've heard me go on and on about my love for the classic American standard, the Airstream. What can I say? Nothing gets my wheels turning like a 36' silver twinkie.

And even though I've yet to do a full-length post about my toy-lust for its brother --the shapely tear drop camper-- I can assure you my toy-lust for this towable is one in the same. For instance, check out this beauty:

How could you resist those lines? I definitely wouldn't kick it out of my camp site...classic whitewalls, beautiful curves, simplicity...ahhh, to dream.

Well, yet another camping icon has done the impossible and improved upon an already brilliant design.

For decades, Deadheads and hippie CEO's have commuted to/from the granola farm in Volkswagen style, whirring and squeaking their loaf-like Westfalias at (almost) the speed of sound (by speed of sound I mean speed limit). Held together by bumper stickers and resin, the v-dub design has lasted the test of time, thus leading to some truly awesome customizations and fabrications.

Like this retro stretch mod with camper top:

Or this crunched version:

Or this stretch mod with pristine paint:

I swear, those fold-out windows make me giddy every time.

Well, Canadian designer Alexandre Verdier is my new best friend. He's taken the iconic hippie-mobile, added a dash of hippie, sprinkled some hippie, and garnished it with hippie dippie.


The Verdier Westfalia! It has just about everything. And the everything has just about everything. For instance, this solar/diesel hybrid doesn't employ simple solar tech, but instead uses modern solar-tracking technology that follow the sun's path for maximum exposure. The cooking range swivels so you can get your soy dog on both inside AND outside of the van.

There's also other light touches: a multi-media computer with wireless internet, a maple exterior veneer, a pneumatic suspension for stationary stability (when lowered), an energy consumption dashboard, a passenger seat that turns into a staircase (seriously), and a half door that also turns into stairs:

For his work, Verdier and his team received the Special Prize at the Caravaning Design Award 2006/2007 at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Salon is one of Europe's largest caravan exhibition and trade shows.

Visit his website HERE.

Oh...and another thing...can I borrow $69,000?

UPDATE: My boss sent me this. I can't say I'm a fan (of the slick new appearance, not my boss). How could you throw away all of that classic character? I'd rather they remake the new Westfalia identical to the old Westfalia.

The Revolution of Old School....

Just a quick post for this morning.

My friend, Deena, sent me a link to this obvious, but amazing, doctor who is trying something new...kind of...

The people of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan now have Jay Parkinson, MD.

Lucky New Yorkers...

He's combined tech and medical savvy to form a new kind of practice: a flat-rate, insurance free/abled, accessible, mobile, chat-enabled, instant messaged, e-visit experience.

I encourage you, the reader, to visit his site regardless of your health.

I encourage you, the doctor, to follow his lead and copy EVERYTHING he is doing.