Friday, March 7, 2008

How much do you need?

I've blogged about Tiny Homes before, but the Tumbleweed website deserves a mention. I was floored!

We build tiny, portable houses here in Sonoma County then roll them off to buyers everywhere...We also sell plans for these houses and larger designs as big as 770 square feet.

The houses and their owners are a breed all their own. They really make you question how much you want vs. how much you need. Averaging about 100 square feet, Tumbleweed homes provide the inhabitant a way to live as minimally as possible, utilizing low-output appliances in a small space to minimize impact.

There are two parts of me that are supremely jealous: the six year-old boy yearning for the ultimate treehouse, and the 19 year-old college student subsisting happily on a ramen/salsa diet in a 10' x 10' dorm room. Check them out...

But what I don't understand is why they always seem to be parked/planted on a snow-peaked mountainside in a remote area. Maybe I'm a tad bit claustrophobic, or maybe I'm sick and tired of winter, but I would DEFINITELY want to be in a region that I could relax comfortably outdoors as often as Baja? While it's obvious that some of these homes would appeal to the environmentalist/hunter/outdoorsmen, there's a niche market of people like me that would happily plant one of these on the coast and pack it full of Milagro and Sex Wax.

Walk on through and let me know what you think...

How much do you want?

How much do you need?

I know that I would need a much bigger oven, but the house --in a warm climate with surf, sun and drink-- would more than suffice.

They're about $30,000-$50,000. I'll take three (does that defeat the purpose?).

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Brilliant insanity, mind you...

I recently surfed across the German website, Convertible City. I found myself in awe.

I would write about it, but I invite you to peruse their list of projects on your own. From the wonderful floating Rucksack House... the playful Braunschweig city theater... the engineers that thought up the pool on the Spree...

Wonderful. Truly wonderful.