Friday, July 27, 2007

Channel Surfing in Green...

Green Energy TV, the world leader in green energy television, is up and running on a tank full of environmentally-friendly steam.

There are currently a ton of blogs on the market showcasing any and all things green, but it's nice to see a site devoted specifically to video. From the website:

Green Energy TV is an Online Television Channel that is dedicated to airing Green/Alternative/Renewable Energy videos for millions of viewers around the world to see. Green Energy TV is passionate about sharing innovative ideas to help educate individuals and organizations of all sizes to use cleaner alternatives in their every day environment.

Every step counts and everyone can make a difference! We want to see what individuals, schools, companies/organizations, inventors, etc. all around the world are doing to make a difference. Upload your videos to help educate others in becoming Green. Watch the videos and become part of one of the most important initiatives in protecting our environment and our future generations!

For Individuals: It's the collective grassroots efforts of you and I, as individuals that can make a huge impact in saving our environment. Just by changing a light bulb can help start saving the environment. What are you doing different? Make a quick and fun home video of what you are doing to be Green and share it with others!

For Companies/Organizations: Companies/Organizations of all sizes are welcome to Upload Videos to show what you are doing to become a Green Company. Green Energy TV will help promote what you are doing so that companies and organizations all around the world can make an educated switch to becoming Green.

For Schools: Whether you are a grade school participating in a recycling program or a university creating Green technology, we want to see it all. Upload your videos and share your Green ideas with the world.