Sunday, July 22, 2007

Strangled in Suburbia.

As I continue to pop pills and down liquids, here's an interesting article I found in the Washington Post, profiling the down-sizing of Virginian suburbanites.

Breaking Free of Suburbia's Stranglehold.

As a Central Ohioan, I've never quite understood the "suburban dream." Downtown Columbus is currently surrounded with endless sprawl, rows and rows of long-commute suburbs that clog our highway arteries each morning and afternoon. It seems to me that living out there would be more trouble than it is perceived.

Fortunately, downtown Columbus is experiencing a major revival. Talk of light rail and building rehabilitation have developers foaming at the pocketbook. We even have a mayor with a solid understanding of sustainable enterprise. It looks like we're making moves in all the right directions...

...but (you knew it was coming) the truth of the matter is this: families will come if and when the general stigma surrounding Columbus Public Schools is eliminated, even though that fear is unfounded, given schools like Columbus Alternative High School see 98% of their graduating seniors advance onward to college.