Tuesday, July 17, 2007

With lasers on their heads...

For quite some time now we've had a laser cutter at the office. Our Atelier extraordinaire being the mad scientist that he is can cut and engrave on 3D surfaces, but the process is uber-complicated, resulting in numerous manipulations and adjustments, the majority of which judged on his experience alone. Complications from human error can ruin an entire day's worth of work.

Jonathan Krawczuk is breaking, nay redesigning, the mold.

From his website:

'4D Glass' forges a relationship between an on screen, computer generated model and the actual physical object.

When creating a 3 dimensional representation on a computer programme a 'skeleton' of the object is formed, known as the wireframe.

In an attempt to fuse the virtual and the physical world, this wireframe has been engraved onto the surface of the glass. This concept sees the computer being used to automate a linear pattern, specific to the object itself.