Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The coolest product in the universe.

Hyperinterior Design? Articulating Media? Fluid Decoration? Visceral Communication Device? Kinetic Advertising Facade?

What in the hell do you call this stuff?

Hold on to your black framed glasses because I'm about to blow your mind. No, seriously.


[mind blown]

1000 pneumatic actuators at frequencies of up to 3Hz being fed information at 0.01sec, punching and relaxing sophisticated 3D patterning in real-time (running text/graphics/video images, anything that can be done in relief) using generative algorithmic programs. If you thought your walls were melting in high school when your parents left you home alone, you're really in for a treat.

"Whoa," says Keanu.

The surface (i.e. rows of expensive nacho chips) has the same effect as concert lighting, allowing you to interact with dancers’ or with musicians’ (movement and sound interactivity), with video/sound-recognition systems offering a programmed response to your beats. It also allows direct DJ/VJ operation, a form of visual musical instrument that fulfills the dream of Archimboldo who developed a "colour piano" back in the Renaissance or Brewster’s delirious prophesy of the effect of the kaleidoscope on the kinetic arts. (Yes, the red text was a blatant cut and paste...I wasn't even going to try to pass it off as my own)

The screen surface itself physically bounces and waves, producing precise and high-speed hills and valleys across the surface, thus producing fluid motion - all of which is enabled by high-speed information buses. They're programmable, movable wall pixels!

You can transform Hyposurface as you need, adjusting reflective or LED materials on to the panels, sending your flamboyant curse words (a boy can dream) across the screen surface at up to 60 mph. The images can even peak outward up to 2 feet in length, adding to the ambiance of interaction with the consumer/stoner.

As the technology advances, expect higher resolution (i.e. smaller nacho chips) and quicker response time. Coming to a Super Bowl Half Time Show near you...or the Fiesta Bowl?

But don't expect the designer's embrace. There will no doubt be an upheaval about the immorality of "replacing architecture with virtual installations" and "disrupting natural spaces with immaterial building."

While I understand where they're coming from, I don't agree.


Two words: Las Vegas.


My Basement.