Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rock out with your Samsonite out...

Developed by guitar-loving pilot Fredrik Johansson, this folding guitar now lets your rock the Casbah origami style. It's small enough to fit in your backpack or messenger bag, giving you the chance to swoon women worldwide as you backpack the globe "finding yourself."

Surprisingly, the guitar stays (almost) in tune when it is folded and unfolded. Only slight tuning is needed, much like any guitar. Its airplane-grade machined aluminum neck is also considerably strong, probably stronger than a glue-on or bolt-on neck, giving the guitar some serious stability.

Fancy yourself the next Jimi Hendrix? Well you'll end up having to string it like he did, since no lefty versions are currently available. Good news for lonely bass player though, since plans are already in the works for a collapsible bass.

Prefer the modular surf?

We've definitely come along way since the Idiots, Incorporated episode of Saved by the Bell:

Zack walks into a classroom and informs us that for economics class, they were supposed to come up with an idea for a business...apparently the gang failed to come up with an idea for their business, and now they're merely awaiting their eminent failure...Jessie seems surprisingly calm. Maybe she knows Zack is going to pull an idea out of his ass in the 11th hour. Which is exactly what he does, but first we get to see the ideas the other teams have come up with. After the surfer dudes present their foldable cardboard surfboard, Slater points out the flaws inherent in their prototype. But Mr. Tuttle tells them that if they believe in it, that's all that counts.

Oh Captain, my Captain indeed.

If you haven't ever traveled with a board before, you might not know to expect a $50 -$150 extra over-size charge (per flight segment!) on most airlines, with a bump up in cost specifically given to the toes-on-the-nose longboarders over 7'6"...unless you're flying out of Columbus like I do. In that case, they've never seen a board before and no charge is usually given. However, they've also never handled a surfboard, so bring your ding repair kit.

Why not try the inflatable Uli Board or even the Pope-Bisect Travelboard?

I can't imagine how well the inflatable works, but the Travelboard appears to be built pretty damn solid...compared to a cardboard surfboard...unless you believe in it, of course.

And it doesn't hurt that price has dropped significantly since it was one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2002.

$1800? Ouch. Now, about $900-$950.

More in depth? Try this article from Composites Technology. Pretty cool.

Foldable hangers? Seems like a lot of extra nonsense for a hanger.
Foldable bike helmet? I like.
Foldable crutches? Make sure they're locked before you walk.
Foldable bookshelf that turns into a bench? I see all my Hemingway First Edition's (see: Playboy's) crashing to the ground. Still neato.
Foldabowl...err...Foldable Bowl? For $22, I'd probably just wash the first bowl.
Foldable Picnic Table? Big with picnic people, but not big picnic people.
Foldable Dinner Set? Blah.
Foldable Plywood? Now we're talking. "...combination of 3-10mm thick plywood and a linen-like material sandwiched in between. The result is much like scored cardboard."
Foldable High Heels? Sexy, then not so much.