Monday, August 6, 2007

Simplicity comes at a price...

Contrary to popular opinion, I still think London is the most expensive city in the world.


Not because of the housing or cost of living of the petrol or the PPP (pound per pint), but because of the Binvention.
Given the simplicity of the design, the Binvention is quite neat - not to mention it gives me a use for all those bags I'm (yet still) accumulating. If only my 29-year-old Alzheimer's would stop preventing me from GRABBING MY CLOTH BAGS FROM THE DOOR KNOB...sheesh.

But $132 [£64.99]?

I'd rather go out and buy a plastic wall-mounted hook, thus leaving me with $130 in which to buy beer and fill the aforementioned bags.

Side Note: Did you know that people in Singapore use about 2.5 billion plastic bags per year? That comes to 2,500 bags per family - almost seven per day!

From the website:

Binvention is a stylish home recycling unit that enables you to re-use plastic carrier bags to compartmentalise and sort cans, paper, and plastic.

There's space for 4 carrier bags to sort your rubbish in...Binvention gets your recycling sorted, and makes a cool, chic feature of the previously unglamorous recycling bin. Heralded as 'super slick' by Time Out magazine, Binvention makes light work of separating waste for recycling.Not only is it a laudable environmental product, it is also a truly desirable design piece. Binvention was short-listed for Best Eco Product at Grand* Designs Magazine Awards.

*Apparently the Grand stands for price.