Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jay Leno blows...

I'm on a roll...

"Small wind" is going mainstream...and God only knows there's nothing more mainstream than the king of overindulgence, Jay Leno (the man is so rubbery middle-o-the-road that I swear he could be a White House Press Secretary...and how many cars does one really need?).

Jetson Green has a feature on Jay Leno's newest addition to his 15 bazillion (B!) car garage, a Delta II Wind Turbine.

A single turbine.

Enough wind energy will be harvested in one day to fuel one Ferrari for...enough energy to gas up his jaw for....enough wind to blow away a...damn it!

SEE!!! You can't even crack a joke about him!

I'm off to watch Conan.

Check it article with numerous videos here.