Friday, September 21, 2007

That's Ecofantastic!!! Day 1...

This whole week I will be honoring ecofantastic items...

It's time.

I've grown so overwhelmed with green-washing that I'm now coining a word:

Ecofantastic: A product/method/ideology so absurdly priced/developed/formulated that its irrationality transcends any purposeful usage and/or implementation into the present-day green movement, to the point of almost becoming fantasy.

That's my word. Mine.

It was not inspired by Nader or Webster's, but by this paragraph:

Hitting a consumer wave at the right time has made many people rich, but, unfortunately, the green market has claimed many victims in the past. Too many well meaning products end up in what US green marketing guru Jacquelyn Ottman calls the "Green Graveyard", making the fatal assumption that Green credentials can overcome mediocre performance, poor design and, frankly, soppy branding.

This whole week I will be honoring those ecofantastic items (pre and post mortem) in an attempt to give them the recognition they deserve, long before their first generation, virgin, organic, sustainable, unbleached, recycled bits are buried in the over-hyped green graveyard.

So today let's wipe with it, before it's wiped off the face of the earth:

Ecofantastic: Renova Green Toilet Paper

This brightly coloured green toilet paper will add an instant designer touch to your's made from 100% bio-degradable materials so you can be sure your doing your bit for the environment.

$17.70 for *cough* 3 rolls