Monday, October 1, 2007

The Skipper, toooooo....

Gilligan, Chuck Knowland, Richard, Dawson...just think how many island desertees could have been saved with a solar vending machine!

Unfortunately, they don't take Australian money. Why? Because it isn't green!

That one goes out to my Dad, inventor of the really, really bad joke.

Anyway, is it overly trendy on its green applications? Yes, but the idea is a good start.

Vending machines are essentially Sub Zero refrigerators on steroids, sucking a constant stream of energy from your from your breakrooms (or as pictured, your dream office on the coast of Spain).

My firm will usually try to step around this problem by powering down our snack-filled vending machines, but have no ability to do so with our frozen and refrigerated machines for obvious reasons (although Spring lightning storms will sometimes choose to do so on their own).

Hopefully we'll see more alternative power sources for seldom-used machines.

From their website:

Location has always been the key to selling products, this machine has no restriction. Wherever the customers, the machine can be placed, static or mobile. It has its own internal supply of DC energy. Should power cuts occur, it will carry on operating when conventional machine stop. No matter if the skies are grey, rain or even at night, 365 days a year.