Friday, November 9, 2007

Those in metal houses throw bricks...

Metal Shutter Houses: A flash-saturated, annoying-as-hell-to-navigate website, but the houses are amazing. The condo project in West Chelsea was inspired by the metal shutters scattered throughout the city on the sides of industrial buildings. The mechanical shutters are almost like those slotted 80's glasses where the person inside can see out, but the outside-in is blocked:

Mechanized metal shutters, made of horizontal perforated slats, make up much of the building's fa‡ade. When the shutter is closed, the resident is able to see out, but the city cannot see in. Press a button and the shutter rolls up into the ceiling, not unlike a garage door, though with considerably more finesse. Behind the shutters, the terrace is separated from double-height living rooms by windows, which are also motorized and able to fold up into the living room, making the exterior and interior one.

Read more about the project HERE.