Monday, February 4, 2008

Theirs is definitely bigger than ours...

Enercon, the third largest turbine manufacturer in the world, is going a little bit nuts over in Germany...

The Deutschland-based, multi-national energy company has been on the scene for quite some time, specializing in the production of wind turbines, the construction of desalination plants, and the publication of unfortunately-named magazines (Windblatt). Well, they appear to be VERY ambitious at the first of the three, considering they've now built the turbine to end all turbines...well...that is, of course, until a bigger one comes along.

The E-126 prototype (pictured below) is a behemoth!

The tower alone is an amazing 131 meters (429 ft) high and required a 180 meter (590 ft) crane for construction.

The Tower walls are over 45 cm thick and required over 110 cubic meters of concrete to build. Located near the Ems River, the silty ground was soft and required 64 fifty-six-centimeter thick piles driven in to the ground 24 meters deep to support the structure.

It can power over 5000+ European 4-person homes, but what I like most is the optimized blades that turn in on themselves. In the event of high winds the blades do not shut down completely, but rather tilt like the prop on a place. The drag is reduced and the blades continue to spin at an optimized 12 revolutions per minute.

Read the Press Release pdf (courtesy of Windblatt Magazine) here.

Original find via Metaefficient.