Monday, February 25, 2008

WWKCS: Where Would Kevin Costner Stay?

Water World, Berlin!

Claustrophobic? Hydrophobic? Acrophobic? Ichthyophobic?

Have I got a hotel for you!?!?!

The Radisson SAS Hotel in Germany is, well, actually quite pretty. By American Radisson standards (see: Midwest US Radisson Standards), it's not surrounded by the archetypal Applemacaroni Pablo Grilles, nor is it slathered with man made retention ponds and cheap shrubbery, subsiding wholly on the surrounding goose poo.

It's, in fact, located in the middle of Berlin, sits directly across the room from the beautiful Berlin Cathedral...

...and contains an aquarium that would make the Caspian Sea jealous.


The AquaDom!

From the ground-up.

From the up-ground.

From the terrace to the up-ground.

From the oh-my-God-I'm-in-the-evil-villain-spot-from-a-Bond-movie position.

Photos: Under CC License from Flickr user jeeeeeandlo.

It is, in fact, the largest cylindrical aquarium on the planet (our planet).

25 meters x 11 meters = 900,000 liters salt water! That's (in Midwest terms) 450,000 2-liters of Mountain Dew!

And before you go and pat the Radisson people on the back, check out the Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. portfolio. They made this wishing well, but are by no means a rookie in Water World. They're not afraid of the large-scale (see: Dubai) fish ponds, so this is by no means new to them. Then again, you need to congratulate the SAS folks for agreeing to a vision like this. You thought by a house with a pool was a major investment!

Let me be your concierge...see for yourself:

From their Website:

One of the most exciting hotels in Berlin Mitte, the 5 star Radisson SAS Hotel features the world's largest cylindrical aquarium with 2,500 tropical fish. The AquaDom is 25 metres high and situated in the hotel lobby.