Monday, April 21, 2008

That Kelvinator is keen...

Continuing with my online shopping spree, I love the simple design of these refrigerator magnets from Up To You.

They're basically just little leaves with magnets.

Nuff said.
But at $2.50 CAD a pop, me thinks a trip to the craft store for some supplies might be a little bit cheaper.

* * *

When you think about it, isn't the fridge one of the most boring appliances in the kitchen? They really are space-hogging eyesores, hidden beneath a cloak of doodled construction paper and report cards.

That is, unless, you've got some of these gems. I'm happy to see that classic is making a comeback.

My shopping spree continues...

The Boretti M-System Bombatino (€ 1.090)
This one's a coin flip. I can't figure out if I want the red Bombatino or the green Doppio. Both are wonderful Italian designs and excellent substitutions for those that can't afford a Ferrari, but want to spoil their beer.
The Aga Cordon Bleu Larder Refrigerator (price unspecified)
The fact that you can "test drive" these refrigerators before you buy them says something about their speculated price range, but no one can deny their good looks. And you want to talk about cradle to cradle, Aga is currently developing a system in which to operate their ranges on biofuels. So basically you could cook bacon, drain the grease into the stove, and then cook more bacon using the drained grease...or something like that.

Big Chill's Beach Cruiser Series (starting at $3500)
One of my personal favorite companies, Big Chill, specializes in the ultra ultra classic. With a wiiiiiiide arrange of colors to match your retro kitchen needs, Big Chill's refrigerators are just a couple of wings short of being mistaken for a T-bird. And why stop at just the fridge when you can have a matching oven? ($3700 and up)

Too plain? Then upgrade to their Lichtenstein-inspired architectural series.
Gorenje Retro Refrigerator (around $1000)
This UK-based company makes a retro model at a surprisingly low cost. A quick google-shop showed many different models hovering around the $1K price point. At that price, if it's big enough to hold a keg I'll need to add it to my man cave wish list.

The Bosch Classic Edition (price unspecified)
I'm really digging the stainless steel on black. This design came out around 2001 and won many awards, but I can't seem to find any for sale. If Sinatra had a fridge, this would be it.

Not only is the design great on the outside...

...but inside, as well. Ring-a-ding-ding.

And last but not least...

Classic (prices vary)
These guys were my original inspiration for a refrigerator/design post. If you want any of the aforementioned designs but claim yourself to be a purist, then you've found the right place.

The people at Classic Fridge actually restore old units into like-new chrome and steel beasts, living and breathing like the day they were born. Even the old names of the refrigerators sound great: Philco, Crosley Shelvador, Kelvinator.

I'm just wondering if you could update the old refrigerators with new technology, because while the designs are classic, their electric usage could use an update.