Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2007 IDEA Awards

The 2006 IDEA awards came in a while back, so I thought I would post a few of my favorites:

Verdi Lawnscaping System

Verdi is a low-maintenance modular landscaping alternative to traditional grass lawns. The pre-seeded interlocking tiles with built-in irrigation practically eliminate the need for high-pollution mowers and inefficient water usage. The entire system is connected to a pump that circulates gray water through the tile network. Modular accessories, such as solar-powered light tiles, shrub planters and path tiles, give Verdi a versatility unavailable to most backyard do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The tiles can be fitted with a variety of inserts, including recycled glass composite, bamboo or molded recycled plastic, to extend the aesthetic possibilities, transforming any space into a beautiful, environmentally sensitive oasis.

Sync Handwashing System

Sync is a no-touch hand cleansing and drying system for public restrooms. Simply hold your hands over the drain and the system does the rest. High-pressure jets spray a mist of ozonated water that sterilizes germs without the need for soap. The fully cyclical airflow dries hands quicker than standard hand dryers. Sync’s large, continuous surfaces make cleanup easy, and since there are no flat surfaces, water doesn’t pool for dirt and bacteria to gather in. The system is also naturally handicap accessible since knobs are not necessary. Among its other benefits are improved restroom traffic flow, reduced water usage and the elimination of disposable hand towels.

Green Air

GREEN AIR is a low-cost, space-efficient air purification system that uses plants to reduce toxins in the air. The wall-mounted ceramic planter contains a small 115 VAC fan that slowly pushes air through the soil to the plant’s roots, a process that breaks down toxins equal to that of 15 regular plants. A conical bottom allows users to easily replace plants without interfering with the fan. GREEN AIR’s organic, twisting form appears to wrap around the plants in an elegant, nurturing manner, and its matte, textured ceramic exterior is a soft contrast to the plant’s dark, glossy foliage. Because over-watering is the number one reason indoor plants die, an ambient temperature sensor, which looks like a droplet of water, changes from blue to brown to indicate when and how much water the plant needs.