Monday, July 23, 2007

Monitor your usage, pig....

As I continue to explore the delusions that come with what is -now- a 102.6 degree fever (WebMD says I have Tuberculosis in their Symptom Checker...I'm going for a second opinion), I managed to find something good that was featured on FOX news (fever delusion or not?).

The Power Cost Monitor claims that it can help you save 20 cents on every dollar you spend on electricity by monitoring what you spend as you spend it. It's real-time feedback on your environmental degradation!

From the website:

The PowerCost Monitor™ is a real-time direct feedback display device for domestic energy consumers. It will tell you at a glance how much electricity your home is currently using and your home's total electricity used in dollars and cents and in kilowatt hours.

For instance, as you turn on or off electrical appliances, you will be able to see the adjustment right away on the clock-sized display which would be located inside your home.

The PowerCost Monitor™ shows only your home's electricity usage in real-time. Ultimately, it is up to you to use this information to reduce your electric bill.

I'm weary, but interested to see it in action.