Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cal Academy Cool Roof...

The California Academy of Sciences is currently working on a rebuilding project, with emphasis being placed on the Academy's scientific research and its role in protecting life on earth.

As a natural history museum, the Academy felt it imperative to incorporate as much organic material into the construction and application. The result is one of the coolest green roofs I've seen in a while, planted entirely with wild greenery indigenous to California.

Below are windows on the Morrison Planetarium roof. The windows will let in natural lighting for the aquarium tanks, while the rest of the dome will be a living roof covered in plants. It's not often you get good construction shot, but the Academy is documenting their construction from start to finish. It will be a fun project to keep an eye on.

Even cooler (pardon the pun) is the wall insulation, fabricated using recycled denim blue jeans.

Their involvement is pretty inspiring. Check out their Climate Change Blog if you have time.