Monday, July 30, 2007

Ebbs and flows...

Here's a little something for all you Landscape Architects out there...
There's something about "topographic" modular design that I can't resist. I think it's the overall simplicity. With the ever-expanding development of rapid prototyping technologies, it's easy to look at designs like these and want to recreate them in the home or office. It's a basic, simple construction that calls for the pieces to be cut, then put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Scaled-down, this piece could be easily reproduced in an hour. The problem is I want to build one scaled-up! View the spec sheet.

From the website:

The appearance is a crucial part of the total product. The strong graphical impact of the design draws people attention and makes them want to test the bench. It makes a solid statement in any environment, especially when placed on a lawn where the grass grows into the design and the Topografi (Swedish for topography) merge into the shapes of nature. The painted MDF version allows interior designers and architects to choose any color of the Topografi to optimally integrate its appearance into their project.

Because topography is all the rage! Topo plates!!!