Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Suburban Sprawl: The Virus Continues....

A couple weeks ago I posted an article on Suburbia's Stranglehold (Full Disclosure: while dosing heavily on antibiotics, Nyquil and copious amounts of vicodin - so I can't make any promises as to the coherence of the post).

Well, Architechnophilia found a great article about America's Fastest Growing Suburbs. Although the superlative makes the article sound somewhat positive, keep in mind that this virus is killing any sense of identity this country has/has left.

And although living in sprawl is understandable in spun markets like CA and AZ - where 30% off urban rates can mean, in some cases, $400K in savings - what kind of stress are you placing on an environment by increasing your population 237% annually?

This is not the American Dream.