Friday, September 7, 2007

Prefabbed modular sectional everything...

After seeing me Dad burn through three drills as he Bob Vila-ed our back yard into a deck lovers paradise, I'm interested to see how a product like this takes off.

Deck work isn't easy. It's hard, laborious lifting and setting that can be made all the more difficult if you're too cheap to buy the beer (i.e. your friends won't help you out). Since we've seen modular carpeting, garage tiles, furniture, storage...why not modular decking?

At about $600 for a 100 square foot room (with you as labor!), I'd say that's not a bad price...given you already have an extremely flat surface to work with.

While the modular/prefab/preassemble/sectional craze continues to go bonkers, I can't help but think that a product like this takes something away from the aesthetic of an area/building. Maybe it's because I'm a wood traditionalist, but in my opinion decking, shingles and crown molding lose a lot of artistic integrity when they're prefabbed or mass produced. While definitely easier to construct and maintain, a part of me would stand on that product and say "I'm standing on a modular surface," not "I'm standing on a deck." Does that make sense?

I guess there's just something to be said about the sturdiness and sweat put into a "man deck" with all of the built-in barbeques, flat screen tvs, fire pits, hammocks ($19,500!!!)....I could keep going, but I'm starting to drool.

From their website:

Snapping Deck Tile : a do-it-yourself product designed for the average homeowners. It instantly provides a solid hardwood floor on the patio, balcony, roof top, next to a pool or spa, and also kitchen and bathroom areas in a couple of hours without the hassles of building a deck in the conventional way in multiple days.

Snapping Deck Tile comes with with a plastic base engineered with an intelligent interlocking mechanism, which allows flexibility and variety in use. You can design a unique balcony deck for your apartment, pull it up 6 months later, and create another balcony deck for your next apartment in an hour. Tiles are easily rotated, mixed, and matched to create various patterns. The possibilities are endless.