Monday, September 10, 2007

Working in green for green...

If 20 employees turned off their PC during a lunch hour, your company would save over 3700 watts of electricity in just 60 minutes, supplying enough power to keep an energy efficient lightbulb burning for over eight and a half days.

If you could cut the 3700 watts mentioned above, you’re workplace would be saving $75 per day. Although this may not seem like much on first inspection, it actually means that you could save an astonishing $17,250 per year (given a 230 day work year).

For every ton of household waste we produce, commercial, industrial and construction businesses produce another six tons.

If you were to make just one monthly 400 mile round trip to a meeting you’d contribute 1.38 tons of carbon to the atmosphere every year. To put this into context, you would have to plant 35 hardwood saplings to suck these emissions out of the air.

More fun facts about greening your workplaces at Big Green Switch.