Monday, September 10, 2007

Cooking something other than meth... I can be the creepy neighbor cooking stuff in his back shed! Introducing the BioPro 190!

In all honesty --given my history of worker's comp claims/accidents-- making my own fuel scares the living CFL daylighting out of me. Fortunately, AGR LLC has dumbed down the process to bread maker-like proportions.

Needless to say, I'm still a little skeeved that one of the steps is "Add Sulfuric Acid." Nevertheless, this seems to be an interesting answer for those who like to home brew their benzine.

Still, I think I'll be pumping my bike tires before I pump my own fuel.
From their website:

The BioPro 190 produces one 50 gallon batch every 48 hours.

The actual hands-on time (adding feedstock ingredients, and interacting with the machine) to make a batch is around ½ hour. If you take adding ingredients out of the equation, you’re down to about 10 minutes per batch. Making biodiesel yourself only saves you money if it doesn’t take a lot of extra time.

The BioPro processors drastically shorten the learning curve required for making biodiesel. For instance, the BioPro is one of the few processors in its class to employ an esterification reaction along with the regular transesterification. What this means from a practical standpoint, is many oils that would yield soapy glop in other processors can be successfully turned into biodiesel using the BioPro. For typical waste vegetable oil, no titration or other chemical testing is required.

The BioPro processors are totally self contained – no settling tanks, wash tanks, external plumbing, etc. The BioPro 190 is about the size of a typical refrigerator, while the 380 is bit larger than a typical vending machine.