Monday, April 14, 2008

My Big Fat Green Wedding...

Tired of the looking for a vegetarian meal in a marinated meat market?

Exhausted in your search for a patchouli-scented siren?

Need some spark in your hookah?

Dreaming of a dreadlocked darling to hacky your sackey?

Want to put the us in your Prius?

I could go on and on...seriously, I could.

But I digress...

While I'm long-since out of the dating pool (thank Ganesh!) with a lovely wife and a healthy-boweled17 month-old son, this little website was still able to catch my eye. To each their own, so why not the tree-hugging set, right?

Ethical Singles: The Matchmaking Service for People who Care about Humans, Animals and the Environment.

-Green business practitioners!

-Vegan vixens!

-Organic farmers!
-Human rights supporters!


-Wildlife protectors!

-Earth-friendly consumers!

I wonder if you can be both pacifist and Eco-warrior, trudging into battle with a bulletless, flower-filled rifle stock? I have a feeling the soldier might look a little something like this...
It’s free to join, and as an added bonus there aren't any uppity couples gushing over one another in TV spots.

Hippie love is a wonderful thing. That reminds me, can you believe it's almost time for Comfest?