Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Warmer than a family picture...

Looking to jazz up your drafty old flat? I know, I know...just in time for spring.

Anywhoo, I was pretty impressed with the design of theses contemporary wall radiators from ProjectClima.


Because you can design it yourself!

Just visit their website and click on the Your Radiator icon.

ADACTO software has been designed to enable everyone, from the designer to the final consumer, to create their own radiator, giving the option to learn about its technical details as well as its prices.

With just a few easy and spontaneous steps, a very neat graphic display and a defined sequence,
ADACTO design programme gives infinitives choices and possibilities of realization. Forms, colours and sizes, can be simulated in just a few seconds.

My only problem, however, is with the North/South designs such as the one below...

The vertically mounted radiator is entirely unnecessary. The circulated air --especially pre-shower in a bathroom-- will be cooler near the ceiling, where heat is not required. Similarly, in the first picture with the maroon radiator in the living room, the radiator is mounted far too high. The radiant heat will barely reach the space below it, thus wasting even more energy.

You always want it to be warmer near the floor for maximum comfort, yes? So why not spec them out to be horizontally mounted chest/waist-high or lower? Otherwise you're just making it cozy for the light fixtures.

You could even mount it as a raised baseboard along the length of a wall. The radiator would extend slightly off of the surface and add depth, while breaking the monochrome paint/tile.

Just some thoughts.